Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst)

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Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst) Empty Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst)

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Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst)

Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst) 222

Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack R.G.Catalyst)
PC | ENG/RUS | Developer: Flying Wild Hog | Publisher: Flying Wild Hog | 2011 | 3.9 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Humans and machines - who wins? Future. On Earth, ravaged by war with the machines, each was a city where people live. Hero Hard Reset Major Fletcher - one of the inhabitants of this stronghold. And that he will play a leading role in discord, one that will determine the fate of every society. Hard Reset dynamic shooter combines the best features of the most brilliant attorneys style with an unexpected plot and the unique atmosphere of cyberpunk, familiar from the films "The Matrix," "Blade Runner" and "Ghost in the Shell."

v Operating system: Windows XP / 7
v Processor: 2.5 GHz
v RAM: 2 Gb
v Video Card: 512 Mb
v Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
v Free disk space: 4,73 Gb

"The constant and rapid movement of the shooting - something for which valued the dilapidated school shooters, and you'll find a Hard Reset;
"You have to battle through hordes of enemies and oppose a powerful chiefs;
"Elaborate system of setting and improving weapons to permit to choose the best option for fighting with the gear mechanisms and other opponents;
"It is true Hard Reset has incorporated the features of classic shooters, it looks like a modern game: good graphics and amazing lighting supplemented total destructible and advanced physical system.

* Choice of pills SKIDROW / THETA
* Do not re-encoded / not cut
* Ability to set different combinations of locations
* Installation time ~ 10 min.
Author RePack'a: R.G. Catalyst

Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst) 223
Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst) 224
Hard Reset (2011/MULTI2/RePack �� R.G.Catalyst) 225

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